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Our opening statement 2022 of which we stand by still......



The RED LION Mawdesley has been at the heart of the village for as long as anyone can remember, generation upon generation have cut their teeth at the LION.

Two World Wars couldn’t stop the LION from roaring. But this year Covid nearly succeeded.

Determined to save our pub, the folks of Mawdesley put out the call. “One of us have to step up for the LION!”

Mawdesley Help Each Other Out facebook page was aflow with the call, “how can we save the LION?”

Villagers queuing to go in the Poole’s family Spar and Post Office would float the question “What is happening to the LION?”

Mawdesleyers seeking refuge in the Eagle and Child and the Farmers Arms of the neighbouring village of Bispham would shake their heads “Someone needs to save the LION”.

Quietly, in the Hewitt household, three generations of villagers hatched a plan. To get the beer right, to clean up the place, to dedicate the time and love needed to breathing the roar back into the LION.

And roar she did.


On Friday 17th December, the doors opened and the villagers marched in to the sound of the village brass band, the Red Admiral Music Academy. And boy oh boy, did that heart begin to pound and swell with pride to see us all together once more.

Folks remarked of the glory days of Stella and Edward, could it be that those days were back again?

Bill and Bob got their table back. Forrie finally got a decent pint in the tap room. Carlos could enjoy listening to good music whilst savouring his White Witch (in a straight glass of course).

Bob and Andrew Maudesley were “Alreet Lar”. Melvin hasn’t stopped smiling. Tommy Train is back on track. Mawdesley’s Cricket Club and Cycling Club have a watering hole.

Across the Moss, the Lion could be heard roaring “LANDLORD, MORE ALE!”

And even Santa called by to the delight of the kids and parents.


Mawdesley is home to new and old residents alike. The LION is the place where new friends are made, and old ones remembered. Like Geoff, whose picture will always sit on the back bar

“See you next Tuesday, ###### ”.


It’s great to see familiar faces behind the bar. Joe Riley's back managing his Lion, Ellie Gaskell and that dirty laugh, Will Boardman who can’t sit still. Milly Mansfield pulled her first pint for her dad (Real Ale Supremo) Johnny Mansfielders.

Young Molly Rogers is  a belter on the bar and Megan Bradbury works the tables in between talking about everything and anything, along with young Lewis Mackinnon.

And Diane rules the roost on a Monday neet. 

We opened our conservatory restaurant on 1st March. It's been a huge success. We're delighted that fellow Bispham Boy Tom Laithwaite has joined us as our head chef, with our Bunny Hewitt learning the ropes in the kitchen under Tom. 

It's such a pleasure to walk into the kitchen, it's a hustle bustle sort of a place, clanging and chinking and hoots of laughter from Noel Robinson, Rob Littler and Toby Moores lovely Mawdesley and Bispham lads.


“We’re pretty sure we’ve gotten everything reet now.

Johnny Mansfielders and Cameron Hewitt have done a sterling job in the cellar. The Ale is superb!


Music is very much a part of our village vibe, and massive in our lives for sure. I've been writing, recording and gigging music all my life. 

You will, on occasion, catch me picking up the pub guitar to play one of my songs to the lounge. 

We continue to support and promote superb live music and champion song writing and creativity. If you'd like to play at the Lion I'd be delighted to hear from you. 01704 823485 Ask for Ian.


It took the village to save The Red Lion of Mawdesley. It’s a countrywide issue to be honest, we all need to fight for our pubs. They are an important part of our identity and unique to our culture.

They are where we mix and listen to other opinions different to our own and develop tolerance. It’s where young and old see each other as individuals. It’s where we learn our manners and etiquette, it’s where we look up from our phone screens, catch a wink, and belly laugh. It’s where we pat each other on the back an ask….”Are you alreet mucker?”



It’ll take the country to save our pubs….fortunately you fought for yours and won, hats off to you Mawdesley!

Ian & Sarah Hewitt 



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